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Source code would be imported into the tigris SVN soon. In the meantime you can use the repository from javaforge:
  http://svn.javaforge.com/svn/artilekt/trunk/ with 
    login: anonymous
    password: anon

or view repository online at http://www.javaforge.com/proj/sources/sccBrowse.do?proj_id=920&dir=trunk
Summary A set of email services implemented in Java.
Category libraries
License Apache License
Owner(s) volenin


Built with performance, extensibility and flexibility in mind. A couple of slick features already implemented:

    * all components are managed & configured through Spring IoC

    * template driven emails
          o XML format is FLEXIBLE
          o XML binding to corresponding POJO is done through JiBX
          o default email XML template is provided
          o different templates can be easily plugged in

    * different template engines (pluggable) can be used to create XML email:
          o Velocity (implemented)
          o Freemarker
          o XSLT
          o JSP

    * BulkEmailer is implemented
          o sends emails to the receipients from the flat file
          o uses template to create emails
          o receipient file format is flexible
          o pluggable handlers of failed and processed messages

    * Integrated with WebWork 2.2.x
          o email can be generated from any of the available Result types
          o called from the action
          o fully configurable